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Mod not installing correct mods

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so the mod pack installer is not installing the mods i am selecting and installing mods i am not even selecting


i looked up people in the past and tried possible solutions posted


tried using a vpn, turning off my virus protection, tried all of the different installers


still not working correctly

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updated with new modpack for the minipatch still having same issue...


i know this is a problem on my side i just dont know how to fix it. been using the modpack for years now dont think i've had this happen before


there was a windows update thats what i think did this. not sure how to fix that...


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  • Administrator

I found one bug that might be caused by me, I will let you know if this is the case


  File "mods/xfw/python/lib/JSONxLoader/loader.py", line 38, in load_config
JSONxLoaderException: OBJECT: "}" expected, got "width" at 111:7 in "res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\battleLabelSight.xc"

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