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Game crashes on Murovanka

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Hello fellow tankers,


Even with the most recent update, my game always crashes on Murovanka. So please give me a solution and if you need anything to get this in the right direction again,  please ask me.


Also, glacier glitches with insane amounths. https://prnt.sc/jj7zs1 So if you have any ideas how to solve that, sure


Enough complains for today. Have a good day



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Well, that's very unfortunate to hear. Maybe if I explain it in a little bit more detail it might make your mind up with some ideas.


When playing a battle on Murovanka, the battle always takes a lot longer to load which makes me hop into actual battle when the starting timer already ran out. Around 5 seconds after being in battle, the game crashes without any crash reports. When I try to restart the game, it goes into battle but immediately crashes again untill the match is over.


Also, do you have any solutions for that Glacier bug? Since it's still here

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