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Hey Aslain.... XVM is broke in your last version 12b

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Hmmm... just looked at the log, it appears the error might be my fault.


I replaced that code at that line....  XVM must not like that code anymore I'm using in the HP section.

What do you think is no longer good?  I haven't worked with this crap in forever, so don't know what the latest good code is.


"hp": { "x": 118, "y": 3, "bindToIcon": true, "align": "center", "alpha": "{{alive?100|0}}",
	"format": "<font face='$FieldFont' size='{{alive?13|0}}' alpha='{{alive?{{ready?#FF|#80}}|#80}}' color='{{c:hp-ratio}}'>{{alive?{{hp%4d}}}}</font>",
    "shadow": { "enabled": true, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 100, "blur": 0, "strength": 2, "distance": 1, "angle": 0	}



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Hey Aslain....


So, I've been copying the above code from your website (our discussion thread) for a long time, it's part of the code that enables my formatting for the TEXT HP Bar version in PP.


Researching this issue, and apparently what happened is what's called a "hidden ASCII trick" to reduce copyright when copying text from a website.

Did you change your website within the last two days?  Cause I've been copying that code from your website for a long time which was the last time I downloaded your mod pack and changed things without any issue.

I ended up having to paste the code into "Code Playground" to get rid of that hidden ASCII, and THEN paste it into the PP XC file.



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LOL....  Just the above code, the one in our old discussion thread.


I've been copying it from our discussion thread (one a long time ago) in which I gave you the code so you could add "Text HP" in Players Panel, instead of having only HP Bars.

No biggy, just for some reason copying that now added the hidden corruption.  Don't know if it was just some temp thing or what, like a website bug.

I'm just going to copy it from my Google Drive from now on just in case.


BTW, if you're up to it, it would be great if you added TEXT HP as an option in your mod pack.

You don't have to add the "colors" section if you don't want to add as many files.  Though, if you look it over you might want to make mine the "default" for all of yours.  It's only a minor change and likely most won't even notice or will like it better.


Here it is....





Okay, so I figured out how to make my style for the HP #'s in PP.
This is pretty much the best design to use, you might want to replace the one you're using, or do a POLL on the forum asking which people like most, to see if they really want to keep the current style you're using with HP Bar and also telling them the HP # Color changes as the HP goes down, to
- Green
- Yellow
- Red
Also, tell them that the current takes a lot more space, the bar is unnecessary, especially with the color changes as the HP goes down, etc.
Also, I changed the HP ratios.
Anyway, this is the final code if you want to use or switch current HP PP.


    "colorHP": {
      "very_low":         "0xFF0000",   // very low       / очень низкий
      "low":              "0xFFFF00",   // low            / низкий
      "average":          "0x60FF00",   // average        / средний
      "above_average":    "0x00FFDB"    // above-average  / выше среднего


    "hp_ratio": [
      { "value": 10,  "color": ${"def.colorHP.very_low"     } },       // Цвет для значений менее 10 проц
      { "value": 40,  "color": ${"def.colorHP.low"          } },       // Цвет для значений менее 25 проц
      { "value": 80,  "color": ${"def.colorHP.average"      } },       // Цвет для значений менее 50 проц
      { "value": 101, "color": ${"def.colorHP.above_average"} }        // Цвет для остальных значений


    "hp": { "x": 118, "y": 3, "bindToIcon": true, "align": "center", "alpha": "{{alive?100|0}}",
    "format": "<font face='$FieldFont' size='{{alive?13|0}}' alpha='{{alive?{{ready?#FF|#80}}|#80}}' color='{{c:hp-ratio}}'>{{alive?{{hp%4d}}}}</font>",
    "shadow": { "enabled": true, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 100, "blur": 0, "strength": 2, "distance": 1, "angle": 0    }


Then comment OUT // all the:
lines in playerspanel.xc and ALL the xc's in your PP folder.
Make sure also def.hp is NOT commented out in the same files.



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