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Mod loading issue

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I understand my issue is probably in my pc, but I wanted to see if you had any ideas on how to fix this. I have never had an issue loading the mod before until I had to do a recovery on my pc last month. I had to reload WoWs from beginning again and the mod pack. Ever since then the mod does not work. I get a message on the setup screen warning me the version of WoWs is not the current version do I want to proceed. Both are the same version. Is there something I need change in files or setup to correct this?


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In paths.xml I see you have 7.3.0, maybe try to delete (secure this file) then perform game integrity check via game launcher or manualy edit it and place what I showed below.


Current paths.xml should have this:

        <Path key="9f176" type="PFS">res_packages</Path>
        <Path key="a1269">res</Path>
        <Path key="1db27" type="DLC">res_dlc</Path>



[2018_05_31 20:25:15] [ModsAPI] 'PnFModsLoader.py' was not found at './res_mods/'
[2018_05_31 20:25:15] Checking ./res_mods/: nothing was found

The game is seeking the mods in wrong folder (, and in result is not loading them

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Thank You for the assist, it allowed some parts to load but not all. I just reinstalled the game and mod and it's working properly now. was hoping not too have to do that but whatever, it worked. Thank you again for the help and the mod, best mod packs out of any game i've played, really do appreciate what you do.

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