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Issue with playing replays

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I have pretty strange issue with replays, I'm not sure if it's something to do with modpack or not.


When watching replays, client randomly just shuts down with no error message or anything. It happens always at the same time in certain replay but not at the same time in all replays. And it happens only on replays played(recorded) on one client, I can watch other peoples replays just fine. I have used versions v4.1.4 (24-12-2014) and v4.1.5 (25-12-2014) on client I played these replays. I have also other client with no mods installed and issue is same when watching replays with that, so problem is clearly in the replay files. 


Anyone with similar issues? I really don't know if it is something with modpack or something with my computer.


Here is one replay, for me it crashes at about 13:30. 




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Hi again :) 

I spend some time with my buggy replays and I found something to avoid crash. If you are watching a replay, remember when it crash (what time position) and next time when you turn on that replay, 5-10 seconds before that crash speed up time 16x (up arrow). After bug position restore speed 1x (down arrow). Hope that WG will fix it in next update...

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I have the same problem after 9.5 update and I'm looking for a solution. I though that replays are crashing because of mods, so I deleted them. Without mods replays are still crashing at the same moments. I don't have an idiea what's the problem :(

Have you tried to play without mods and see if replays work for those games? I think that problem is in replay file, I tried to watch them on other computer with client with no mods and they crash at same place. And I can watch other peoples replays just fine with my client with mods. So something is corrupting replay files, it might be some mod or something with 9.5 that is not compatible with something on my computer. 

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Yes, I tried to play without mods, but it didn't helped. Still I can't find a reason why it crash. Some replays are stable from beginning to end, but rest are crashing. Sometimes when I skip crash-moment, it will back in next 5-10 minutes in replay. So I think that mods are not the problem.

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