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2018 aprils fools skins infinte loading

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i'm back on reporting duty :D


as per title, game works fine with all my mod choices installed except the 2018 april's fools skin. as soon as i install this, at least for zao (the only ship i tried), game remains stuck at map loading.

when installed, if i select other ships, i enter battles fine, and i see the modified skins for the other players. pack installation was done with cache clearing and res folder deletion.


This happened in the 7.5.1 as well, but i didn't report it as i didn't have the latest pack installed.


i attached the log file, i hope it's not an issue since i made the archive while the game was open in safe mode.


Many thanks for all your efforts, aslain :D




LE: rewarded a sentence to make it easier to understand, it was late when i wrote the report initially

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yeah, in the port it works fine, and the odd things is that i can even start training rooms without any issue, but as soon as i start a random battle, the loading bar is missing and the screen remains at the 2 teams composition from before battle. even closing down the game and restarting the game normally will produce the same result, but if i start in safe mode, then i can enter the battle that's in progress.


let me know if there is anything else i can do to help track this issue down.


i guess one thing i can do is try it with only the skin mod installed, see if the issue remains

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ok, update time  (sporting patch #3 as well) :

i installed only the skin mod, again checked both cleared cache and removal of resmod folder. i'm attaching the log file for this newest attempt. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip


again, in port everything works fine. the training room loads fine, as can be seen from the screenshots.

but the random battle is stuck on the loading screen. it never gets a loading bar, and remains there even after the countdown finishes (random battle loading 3)

normally, i can enter battle with about 10-15 seconds to spare, and that's with the full suit of mods installed.

shutting the game down and relaunching with safe mode, i managed to get into the ongoing battle just fine.


the training room was made right after the battle, i selected the same map.


if there's any further info i can provide, pls let me know.


p.s.- i cropped the additional loading screens for the random battle a bit, to lower the size a bit

p.p.s. - i also have a gearing, but i don't have a captain for it. if you think it's necessary, i'll try to give that ship an attempt as well, though missing the start with a t10dd is pretty bad for live battles. but, if it's "for science", i will make the necessary sacrifice :P

random battle loading:


random battle loading 1.jpg

random battle loading 2.jpg

random battle loading 3.jpg


random battle safe mode:

random battle safe mode.jpg


training room working:

training room same map.jpg

training room working.jpg



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oh, good call, didn't think of checking that before!


i tried 3 replays: zao game when no skinpack was installed, the zao game with only the skin installed that i entered in safe mode (the same game i attached screenshot from), as well as the training room replay.

all replays load fine, but there is no skin showed in any of them. the ship looks default. i verified the skin installed successfully by entering port and seeing zao with the skin correctly applied.


i am attaching a screenshot of the game when i had only the skin installed, that i played in safe mode: you can see the current mods are loading fine, but the ship has the default skin.

i am also attaching a screenshot from port made right after trying the replay, so no changes to mods installed: skin shows fine.


p.s.- for consistency, this was done with modpack #3, not #4 that was just released, but i saw mod wasn't touched upon, so it should still be relevant. please let me know if you want me to redo the tests with #4



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