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Features not working.

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I updated the modpack to 4.1.7 and the xvm colours I selected (wotlabs 10 colour), jimbo's tank icons, the multi line carousel, and eye spotting indicator are not working. This was also the case when I installed 4.1.6 this morning. I did a complete reinstall with 4.1.6, prior to you releasing 4.1.7, and it didn't work.


Grrr.... one character too much in one file and everything fails... hotfixing.


edit: fixed, uploading.

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You're the man. I am sure many don't give the recognition you deserve, so I want to let you know your modpack is very much appreciated. I have been a user since early summer, and your modpack is the best available. Thank You!


Thank you for your kind words, I always try to provide the best experience for users.

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