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Ship Name Romanization

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w/Lady Commander names.


I'm guessing this mod is dead?  It's been over two weeks and no update for it.  Guess it's time to turn off the anime girl commanders and Mermaid's Wrath voice mods.  Not as much fun when your anime girl commander is named Walter or Ivan.


I hope it gets updated at some point.  I also hope I'm not the only person who uses it...

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I am using this one a lot of time in the past too.

It is really annoying, if that mod isn`t updated anymore. Is there any way to get the old Mod data? So maybe someone could work on it?


I have a back up one or two patches before. But i dont know the exact File names. If anyone could provide me with them, i could try to extract them and install them manually.

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The Modder seems to have retaierd from the Game and Modding :(




but here is a link for Vers. 7.5.0



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for your hard Work.

Sorry for the late answer. I was on Holiday, so i was not able to answer before today.

In the new Modpack seems there is no update currently, but i got the File so i can install it manuall.

Anywy, thanks for the work.

Got you a littte present via Paypal ;)

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