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Latest Update Defaulting to Wrong Client

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Kind of a weird issue.  When loading, I got the prompt that I didn't have the correct WoT version installed.  I continued anyway and noticed the mod installer was defaulting to my EU client on my G: drive rather than NA on my C: drive.  Not a huge issue, as I can simply choose the correct folder.  However, all the mods selected are the basic "Aslains Setup" (which is what I ran on the EU client) and not my custom settings that I use on NA.  There's just so many mods and I'll have to go through them all to attempt to get it back to my custom setup.  


I even tried to cancel the install, load the game with last version of the modpack and played a game to see if that would get the updated version to recognize my current setup.  Unfortunately, this did not work.  


Does anyone know of a way to get the installer to see my current settings on my C: drive for NA, rather than the default settings on my G: drive for EU? (Maybe just uninstall the modpack on the other disk drive?)


Thanks in advance.


Update: I uninstalled the modpack from my G drive.  I then tried to run the newest installer, but it still defaulted to my G drive rather than C.  

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The installer has WoT auto-detection function, but it won't work whell if you have multiple client of the same game installed. In that case you need to pick proper destination folder.


You have to select all that mods again if accidentaly resetted it. I recommend to backup this file : c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\Aslain_Modpack\_Aslains_Installer_Options.inf (you can use it in future to recreate selected mods using LoadInf application).

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Ended up uninstalling my EU client all together.  Deleted the folder after uninstall.  Restarted the modpack install, and although now it defaults to the client on my C drive, it still doesn't recognize my old settings.  But I also have issues with my WoT client crashing (with and without mods), not sure if related.


Will reinstall a fresh copy of the modpack, not a big deal.


Thank you for your help

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