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Weird rectangles where symbols should be

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I already have a folder called res_mods with a folder called 7.8.0 inside, should I just unpack it in there?

That might have fixed it at leats, but hard to tell, since this error only occurs approx. 30% of the time. 

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yea, i did a complete mod uninstall, used the wg check tool to remove all extra files and folders, wiped my configs, preferences and cache, really cleaned up the game folder.... after doing that, i started having the font problem like the above poster when using some mods. for now i'm just using the crosshair mod installed with the WG modpack installer, as other mods make the icons for the buff caps in "Arms race" mode dissapear, you can see the caps, but you cant see what type of buff they give.

dont worry ill be back to using your FAR FAR superior Pack once it's more stable, Good luck Aslain!

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