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Hash mismatch

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I got 4 different sha256:

SHA256: 66F0B7614035E15460157DEBFAB510B87C542D1FEB4A9D19B72CE94D6ABAAA74

SHA256: CA22E073E58DABF3DFD3D403B6918DE79AF8577C77D6D40635BBAB743EEB571A

SHA256: EEF00E6B0C32BBC6194B6D51651571DC35C08799BABFBEF9A21B37F447AF2AA1

SHA256: 08F7E229A58831A2FE03A84FB9ABA6E00784BA4281490B175527C94B7833A326


none matches yours, all corrupt files and downloaded several times each one.


Best regards.


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Downloaded again right now and got:

Link #2 SHA256: D97F028518F0CD66F25CA361285FCABAFC364BF661C50D551D7E4F1FAC39770B

Link #3 SHA256: A245B401D47CE94F7BD2EEB9F420BB00DC7702043F162E6892F3DF0F7BF8BFA9

Link #4 SHA256: CDAC44AC4B9FC9FEDACDEC547E3158C9263DFAE03C1CDC6F5D5B6355E36C3406

Link #5 SHA256: 317F97C829A62DC7894486983D03CB3F1EBC2D9E6BD6DBDD5E132ADDA4DC15AF


only link #4 is good, thx dude.





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