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Reload counter BUG

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There is a bug in the reload counter from the Aslains XVM Package installer.


It shows the reload as complete yet often the reload has not yet completed and regularly get you killed.


This has been in the 9.4 and 9.5 patch versions that I know of


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Hello all, okay I installed the second latest version, and I must say this, it's pretty good, but when you use the arty sites, jimbo or the others, I have notice that the reload has skipped or says it's reload and still showing it being reloaded.  and then the mouse wants to skip or move off very slowly to your target. I lost like 8 matches for this action acting up, so I reinstalled the 4.14 ver.  back because it seems more stable than the 4.17 ver.  and the gunner sites for tanks, are very nice looking but the reload timer gets a lil weird, like it shows to be loaded and then it hangs up for a slit second saying still loading...out side of that everything else seems to work fine.



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