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XVM Not working

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Since the last WoT patch I have not been able to get XVM to work at all.  I am using the same setting in Aslain's as I was before the patch.  I have went to modxvm and prolonged and updated my stats, still no joy. 


The last time this happened to me a year or so ago I had to wait until my XVM to run out and then reactivate.  Does anyone have a better suggestion?  Is there a mod that could be killing xvm?


Thank You,


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Still have not gotten it working.  I did as you directed, then reinstalled aslain using the "delete cache" option, no help.  Now I have deleted the contents of both mod folders, the aslain folder am going to reinstall from scratch.  It occurred to me the problem might be in my panel or sub panels.  Could you tell me one you are sure works?


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