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Mod Install Completion Fail

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Hi Guys

When I go to install the mods, the mod pack downloads and extracts the files but does not complete the install. I do not get the "Finish" screen nor the option to go to the join, donate, xvm site screen.

Some of the mods have installed when starting the game, but a few are missing like Contours and Tank Carousel


Also when I run the program again, previous setting (mods selected) goes back to the default and not my previous selected mod configuration.


Also missing in the Aslain_Miodpack folder is the log file


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On 11/1/2018 at 7:52 PM, Aslain said:

Sometimes it takes lot of time to finish. Especially when it's extracting from many files. Otherwise you have to check your antivir or if you're launching the installer with admin rights.



Thanks Buddy..... Worked a treat with antivir off

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