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Over Target Markers question

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Does anyone know how to change the Over Target Marker font color separately for enemy and friendly ship names?  The only way that I have found changes the color of both enemy and friendly ship names to the same color.  I'm trying to change the red enemy OTM ship names to something easier for me to see.  Or does anyone know how to change the overall default red color used for many things in game to something different?




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You can use Alt Markers mod, this mod has a config that allows to change font type and sizes for the OTM elements.




You won't be able to change the overal red color used for the enemy easily because it's all scattered on many different files. Then WG comes with update and breaks everything for you everytime.

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Ya I have made changes to the config of Alt_Markers mod and have figured out how to change the color of ship names however, it changes both enemy and friendly ship names to the same color.  I can't seem to figure out how to change the config so enemy ship names are one color and ally ship names are a different color.  Any ideas?


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