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Game bug or Mod bug ? Unable to use repair kit or change ammo

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Heya all :)


It doesn't happen often. Not sure if it's a game bug or a mod bug.


SOMETIMES when I try to use my repair kit, the number keys simply do not work. The last time it happened, I had time to try the other keys before dying !! NONE of the numeric keys worked. I couldn't use repair kits or change my ammo. I know I'm not the only person to have this problem but it only happens maybe 1 in 100 battles or even less.


Thought if I brought the subject up here we might be able to tie down if there is a common factor/mod to people it happens to. There's been an update since it last happened to me personally but I know someone else who says it still happens since last game updates.


I'll post my logs etc next time it happens.


All the best



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