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Team and enemy Tank Icons not appearing correctly in full screen

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A recent update has caused the teams tank icons (under the team HP bars in the top centre) to only work for the enemy team, when I'm in fullscreen (doesn't matter if fullscreen, windowed, or windowed borderless).


Oddly, when NOT full screen and merely windowed, both team tank icons are visible, see the attached "Tank Icons issue.png" file.


Though your WoT Logs file probably tells you, I'm running Eyefinity using an AMD RX 580 8 gig, with three full HD screens (1 x DVI, 2 x HDMI).


And it's only in the last week or so that I've noticed this oddity.


Thanks for any assistance!


DethLok (who now has to play as Big Red Tomato owing to WG NA and Asia's idiot "merge" ...)

Tank Icons issue.PNG


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Installed same mods like you have in logs and played couple of battles without problems. On the other hand Battle Observer seem to be a bit bugged. Maybe this is effect?


It also might be related to the Eyefinity. Have you tried with 1 monitor only?

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Sorry for very late reply, I'd assumed I'd get some email notification of a response (or maybe I unticked that option?)


Nothing in my spam folder, though.




As of 5 Jan 2019 it seems to be working OK again, so thanks muchly! :)


Still working as of 6th Jan (I'm on the future side of the international date line)




DethLok (now Big Red Tomato on Asia server, thanks for the NA to Asia 'merge', WoT...)



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