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My mod will not install

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As of 11/14/18 7pm CST Texas, I have downloaded the new WOWS mod, and then picked what I wanted to install, after it downloaded and then started installing everything, it started were it says it is finishing right, well from 7pm to 3am this morning it still saying it's' finishing, so so when I got the task manager and hit end task, then a second window popped up and act like it was going to finish but the task manager stopped it. so I started over to reinstall this mod, and it's now doing the same thing, not I need help.


thank you


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My guess would be an overzealous anti-something. The usual suspects are Windows 10 UAC, Windows Defender, anti-virus and anti-malware apps. The newest are the anti-ransomware apps. Even my backup software got one built in: every time a program, like the modpack installer, creates a lot of files and folders, it will be stopped.

Of course this is just a guess. You may try to install just one mod first to see if the modpack installer finishes or not.

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