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Majstore isto kod mene. Ne radi, instalacija prolazi ali uopće se ne pojavljuju igrači na players panel i nema rezultata. Kada iziđem iz igre blokira. Vidim da i drugi imaju isti problem. 3 puta sam reinstalirao igru, ali ne radi. Skinem neke druge modpakove i sve šljaka. Ovaj put ništa ne valja. A navikao na ovak mod pa mi je zlo igrati bez njega. POPRAVAKKKKKKKKK TREBAMO !!!!!!

The master is the same for me. Not working, the installation passes but does not appear on the players panel at all and there are no results. When I get out of the game blocking. I see others have the same problem. I reinstalled the game 3 times but it does not work. I skin some other modpak and all the crap. This time all wrong.

And used to this way and it's bad to play without it. WE NEED REPAREEEEEEEE URGENTLYYYYYYYY !!!!!!

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