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Crosshair Mods Selection

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Normally you can select custom SPG crosshairs and below that you can select your normal crosshairs. For example: Normally I select Sword of Damocles and then J1mB0's Crosshair, but with this current installer I am forced to select only from one. I can see how it's supposed to allow more by following the dotted lines, unfortunately clicking results in the other being unchecked. I think it's a simple fix of allowing 1 selection from the different groups each and it was accidentally forced into 1 across all. Thanks for your time Aslain, I've used your installer forever, plus mods and LOVE it.


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It was asked a lot, but currently it has to stay that way. If all crosshairs be fixed (currently most of them are not) I can make an attempt to add few spg crosshairs to certain sniper crosshair. Generaly I have a problem with cross-mod compatibility between sniper spg, and spg crosshair :(

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for this reason i have tested a mod pack which combinies 3 different crosshairs. combined are jimbo, taipan and damokles and it works flawlessly .

i will not change the mod-pack only because of this option. either it will eventually supplied by you, or I'll live without ;)

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