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Multiple Monitor Support

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I use 3x27 inch monitors when I play.  This is great because it gives me a cockpit view.  However, I have two problems.


1. In fullscreen mode all of the HUD elements such as minimap, chat, friends, allies, etc... are all clustered in the center.  It would be great if there was a mod or ability to relocate and position those items wherever you want.


2. Not in fullscreen mode (the game looks crappier and runs slower) all of the hud elements in item #1 go to the far left and right.  However since I'm using 3x27" monitors setup in an arch like a cockpit, I sit a little far back.  This makes the font and items on everything a little hard to read.  How about a mod that lets us adjust font size on all elements?


Thank you in advance.

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