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Please need some help,thank you


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Hello,need some help please,ANYBODY if you play on EU server and  you have EU client please  can you send me latest 2 files from your pc wot game  (location of the game c:/games/wot/res and  inside "res" map there are 2 folders AUDIOWW and TEXT,can you send me those 2 folders  to my e-mail: [email protected]  or  [email protected]  please? i am trying to get those 2 files because i am playing wot on RU server,and i dont speak and read russian language,i would be very happy if any of you can do it,thank you again.

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Aslain,the problem is that i dont have free space on my pc no more,so i do not have installed World Of Tanks EU region client,i have installed only WOT RU CLIENT.Short story:for about 3-4 years i played WOT EU SERVER(REGION,CLIENT) and then i decided not to play anymore and i deleted all the game.After that a friend invited me to play WOT on RUSSIAN SERVER(REGION,CLIENT) and i installed only the RU client and i am still playing on Ru region,now,every WOT update rewrittes those two files(folders)in russian language and audio, so i need constantly to change those two files with english version,it is simple,you just delete 2 files and replace with new files,and it works fine,this is the shortest way to fix the problem and because of that i am asking you or anybody just to send me those 2 files on my e-mail,thank you,have a nice day.

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