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Multiple Things Broken Since 1.4.1

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Don't know exactly where to start due to the amount of either broken or missing things since the update so I guess I'll cover the most annoying 3+ from both in game and in garage.


In Game:

1) A bunch of extra text on top of the class icons that was never there before.

2) The icons are backwards no matter if I try using with or without XVM install / mirroring

3) The damage Done/Assist/Blocked counters are up top in the same spot as the hit log, not down above the.. damage panel?  where they should be.

4) HP Circles on mini map are missing.  Also other XVM mini map features seem broken as that yellow line should be teal etc...




In the Garage:

1) What is that floating in the middle? Was never anywhere before.

2) Lockers are all missing

3) The Info on the tank icons is missing about half the stuff.  Would normally look like:




Log thing:Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip


This looks like the most broken update since 9.15.1 changed something with mod scripting (Action Script 3?).  There are many other minor XVM features not working yet so I'm guessing the majority of these issues are coming from that?


As a side note there have been a few other broken things since 1.4

-I used 0.9x mini map icon scale but it always set to 0.65 and I'd have to edit it manually in the configs

-The display 6th sense icon for 10+ second stopped applying, and again like icon scale I had to manually change the default 2.0 to 10.0 in the configs.

-The HP difference count between tank class icon vanished after a battle observer update



Oh ya, automatically return crew in now UN-ticked on EVERY tank.

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  • Administrator

I loaded your mods setup and it work fine. Try to reinstall the modpack. Make sure you have latest modpack, and installing to proper destination folder. Your error

JSONxLoaderException: Bad reference: ${"battleLabelSight.xc": "def.shellSpeed"} in "res_mods/configs/xvm\Aslain\battleLabelSight.xc:battleLabels/formats[19]"
Object "./def" has no key "shellSpeed"

was fixed in modpack #00 already.

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