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Damage Log not displaying

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Since v1.4.1.0 I've had an issue with the Damage Log not appearing after installing.  On the day of v1.4.1.0 release the log appeared, but when I moved my cursor, the damage log box on the screen moved away from the cursor.  It happened in a fraction of a second where the Damage Log box ended up below active game screen.  Since then I've been unable to get it to appear.  


I thought to install another damage log to reset it back to it's default location, but there is no displayed Damage log on the screen anywhere.  Also, I have noted that when I go into the installer and click on the Damage log mod to be added, when I come back into the installer after I installed, nothing is saved in the Damage Log section.  It's always blank, and the mods never seem to get installed.



Any help would be much appreciated.


Screenshot (3)_LI.jpg

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I ran through the launcher 7 times, installing each one of the damage logs to see if any would work.  None of them worked.  Also, each time I started the installer again, the installer did not have the previous Damage Log selected (normally it saves any installer configuration options).  The Damage Log was always blank every time I accessed it, even after installing any of the 7 Damage logs.


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