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Installer issues (probably xvm install issue only)

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Hey Aslain,


first of all THX MATE for your hard work! GG


Today I had serious issues with the installer for the first time.


I had a small recurring issue before (i will explain) that I have been able to resolve myself every time it occured. It is the error of any_to.js.I attached a screenshot.

This error did not show up every tme I updated your modpack, but sometimes it showed up. I have been able to resolve it every time with just installing the your modpack again with the same settings. Then the error did not show up.



To the more serous error I got today:

As there has been a client update, I completly wiped my wot folder (as I do always when there is a client update) and used a vanilla client install where no mods have ever been installed on. I did that multiple times before and it always worked without issues.

I ran the wot-laucher to get the update, then ran your modpack installer.

The any_to,js error appeared. So I ran your installer again. (like I described above)

But this time another error showed up (screenshot attached). After clicking retry for about 5 times, the installer continued.

Alright then I thought but it was not.

When I wanted to copy over my modified xvm files, I did not find the folder. Instead I found other folders in the res_mods folder. (screenshot attached)

EDIT: OMG I just read that the folder structure has been changed so I will have a look again, maybe everything is fine. Anyway the error messages maybe helpful)


I also tried your preset modpack installer options (not my custom mod selection I normally use, but the error was the same).


I also attached the other files you need. If you need further info let me know.


Thanks mate.






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