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Epic Mega Music Collection mod - Double playback with noticable difference

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Hello Aslain,


Thanks for the great modpack as always!,


I have an issue with my current mod setup where the Epic Mega Music Collection mod (And some other music packs) have some strange issues, in the mentioned pack I noted that after some battles the music would play the same song twice, which is hard to listen to. 

This isn't a big issue as I can just play something else, but it would be a nice thing to have from this modpack.


Let me know if there is anything I should check! (I have noted this on 3 different computers)






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I'm affraid I cannot help you here. Your python.log is empty so I cannot even look for potential errors. You mentioned different music packs has same issue, but it's the same packs like before, and WG hasn't change anything with WWISE system in 1.5. Have you had this issue prior to 1.5 too?

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It's ok, sometimes issues can be present on specific hardware setups than others. Or it could be my hearing that is the issue. It's just one of those issues that I think is not much worth investing too much time into.


The playback is also abit strange as the issue seems fine in one battle, and in the garage and then the issue kind of starts..

Is there a way to extract the music files from the wot directory?

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