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Archipelligo Skins not working.

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So Ive had tried multiple reinstalls, and am currently doing one more. Every time, all of the Arpelligo skins wont show up, the ship is just a weird white. I dont know why its doing it either. Ill send the logs and a screen shot if it does it again here in a few minutes.

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That skins are not for all ships, just for some of them. The effect you mentioned is from a custom shaders. You can try to delete them (shaders folder in res_mods). I noticed it too btw. I will investigate it further later.

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Just deleted the shaders. will see if that fixed it


Well it fixed the white camo, but now no camo is showing, and I dont have the chilled camo thing installed


Ok so apparently i had a camouflage remover file, I removed the XML. Might have been whats causing the issue, even though I never selected a camo remover mod. Stand by


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