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Modpack not installing custom icons

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Evening Aslain,

Tried for the last few mod packs to get custom tank icons to install but  it doesn't matter what I select, I cannot get them to install. All I see is the default XVM silhouettes. This was working on but after that it hasn't worked correctly. 

When I use your personal config from the download page they work no bother.  I suspect that the installer is not extracting the options I have set.  Has the way the mods install changed from that #4 version?

I am using Linux mint 19.1 Tessa with Lutris 0.5.2 and wine 4.0 prefix to run world of tanks.  Tested out another mod pack and the icons installed no bother along with XVM so I have narrowed it down to the installer but not sure what to look for afterwards.  


I have attached my log files for you from the most recent installer


Hope you can help me out,




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Don't think I can help you. In logs there is few "exit code 4" which means "A fatal error occurred during the actual installation process.". Another modpack is another modpack, they may not use methods of installation I use. In my installer I extensively using sed.exe, patch.exe and windows batch files. Looks like that don't work well for you. Still.... I know there are Wine users of this modpack and they don't complain, so maybe something wrong in your setup?

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