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in "aim helping mods"  catagory, I select the "T" key (as I have for years). When I go in game and my track is disabled, I hit, hit, etc. the "T" key and I have to wait like normal people, and usually ends up with me losing the tank or at least a lot of HP. Then, I go back in to the mods, #2 and find, (every time) the "T" key is unselected, even though I check before I leave, that the "T" key is selected, in-game, it's not there. One thing, it still works to direct arty by tagging an opponent. Is there any way to use a different key? I know, it sounded dumb when I typed it, just can't think my way out. I don't know how to brawl without having control of my tracks. Fix this and I'll hit you up again in the donation dept. :-) 

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