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Only partial mods operating

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Loaded fresh copy of WoT. I've highlighted what does not work below in BOLD RED Any ideas??


I've run this setup for months.  I update Aslain's Mod daily, if available.  Problem developed yesterday.  It even stopped the game from loading until I removed all mods or only used a limited number.




Selected components:

      -------------------[ Aslain's XVM mod v4.1.29 ]------------------------------------------
         Color Scheme
            Green vs. Red
         Vehicle Contour Icons [DLC]
            contrabass icons [DLC]
         -----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]-------------------------------------
            The shadow intensity behind OTM
               strong shadow
            The main text field
               Vehicle name
            Player name (doesn't work with the Max Info!)
            Vehicle tier & squad number (doesn't work with the Max Info!)
               Roman tier number on the left side
            Vehicle names colored by ally/enemy
            Vehicle hitpoints colored by ally/enemy
            Stock turret marker
            Low HP exclamation mark (below 25% hp)
            Tank name over destroyed vehicles
            Floating markings of destroyed vehicles
               Nuke icon for enemy, angel wings for ally
            Rating marker icon
         --------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]-------------------------------------------
            Team Text Fields (Our Team / Enemy Team)
            Panels & Windows by Aslain (in-battle)
               Battle loading window
                  Advanced battleloading
               Statistics tab (under Tab key)
                  Advanced Statistics Tab
               Players Panel
                  Background transparency
                     60 (weak) [WoT default]
                  Display Clan Icons
                     default position
                  Enemy spotted markers
                  Large panel
                     With HP Bars - version #1 (might lower fps!)
            ----------------------[ Hitlog Settings ]----------------------------------------------
               version #1 (detailed header + normal numbers)
               number of lines
               Show HP log (under ALT key)
            Enable Auto-login to the game
            Skip intro movie
            Show latency to the servers (ping)
            The XVM player statistics
               Rating scale
                  10 colors by WotLabs.net (with 2 red colors)
               Player rating formula (WN8 by default)
            ----------------- [ The 6th Sense settings ]-----------------------------------
               Custom icons
                  Yellow Sign
               Sound alert
                  Trap Sense (Star Wars)
            ---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]-----------------------------------
               The price button in the tech tree & research page
               The mastery mark in the tech tree
               Display hangar clock
               Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM
                  5 rows
                  Scale of carousel cells
                     1.0 (default)
                  Show advanced info on carousel
                     extra carousel info
            Update checker for Aslain's XVM ModPack
      ------------------------------[ The Mod Pack ]---------------------------------------
         Camera scripts [settings]
            Zoom settings
               30x (6 steps, 2-30)
               Zoom-out (extends default zoom out range)
                  500m away max
               Default zoom settings (unchecking = remember last sniper zoom)
               Disable gun shake effect after shot
               Scope Shadow Remover
         Accurate Damage Indicator
            #2 (by Qdly)
         AutoAim Indication+
         Colored penetrations & ricochets (aka Kiskami Paintball mod)
         ----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------
               J1mB0's Crosshair v1.46
            ServerCross (must be enabled in game menu too)
            Battle Assistant for SPG
               triggered by 'G' key
            Info Panel (info about targeted vehicle)
               between crosshair and ammo icons
            Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers)
               markers shape
                  > <
         Battle Shell Cooldown Buttons
            Hot Key mods
               enlarged cooldown numbers
            Custom shell, consumable & module icons by arasgrandpa
         Multi Hit Log v.1.9f - Hitlog, InBattle WN8, Damage Log
            Full (expD)
         Damage Panels
            Damage Panel GambitER 0.9.5
               Position of the hit notification
               With fire alarm sound
         GOLD ammo visibility mod
            Red (apcr) - Gold (heat)
         Graphical performance mods
            Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane
         Received Damage Announcer v2.5
            NA version (restricted)
         Safe Shot
            Block shooting at wrecks & allies for 2s
         Team HP Pool Bar by Locastan (may lower fps!)
            style by Armagomen
         -----------------------[ Garage mods ]----------------------------------------
            Garage icons
               Tank icons
                  Gold Premium Tanks by Aslain [DLC]
            Session Statistics
               YasenKrasen (V1)
                  Reset the stats daily (at 6:00am)
            Other garage mods
               Progress Indicator Text Mod by drhideg
               Crew Exp Extended
               Vehicle Exp Extended
               Quests Extended
               Replays Manager
         ---------------------[ Various mods ]-----------------------------------------
            Sound mods (might lower your fps)
               Voice announcers
                  UT Announcer Pack gen.2 
               Other sound packs
                  Play the "UP" sound when your gun is reloaded
            The minimap enhancements
               locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4
                  main mod (note: will disable XVM minimap)
                  colored HD minimap images
            Graphical content mods
               Train Wagon mods by locastan
            Texture skinpacks
               Hitzone skins
                  by Goha.ru
            Skins of destroyed vehicles
               White 25%
            Easy crew voice selector


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I confirm that something is not ok.


In my situation did not work properly:

1. "Schemat kolorów
            Zieloni kontra Fioletowi (CB)"

in my case it shows Red colour not violet.

And also shows percentage of enemies health. Till this update I had always number of health.


2. "Ustawienia domyślnego zooma (niezaznaczone = zapamiętaj ostatnią pozycje zooma)
               NoScroll (blokuje koło myszy w trybie snipera)"

With mouse and scrolling is something really bad, sometimes works properly sometimes not. Little bit confusing in the battle.



I am very sorry, but I cannot check other mods, because I can't play without above.


Btw: great mod-pack. I am using it for a long time. Good work!!!






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