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System Stalls when Loading Battle

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Upon downloading latest version, system will work in garage, but upon starting a battle, it loads the loading screen, and then stalls out.  On the same loading screen I can hear the countdown of the battle, and then it just stays there upon the countdown completed and I am unable to ever get in the battle.  If I use the Task Manager to shut down WOT, and attempt to restart the game, the game Center will indicate that the game is still running and I have to do a complete restart to get back into the game.  At that point it starts all over.  


P.S. Thanks for all you do.  I know it is a lot of work. 


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3 hours ago, MarkDaSpot said:

Looked at some of the log information.  Dropped the mod for reporting being spotted.  Solved the issue.  


Really? In your logs I see that Awfultanker  tanker session stats produces some errors.


I read in Awfultanker topic that his mod was causing this problem, and he fixed it, so I will include that fix in next modpack.

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