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BADoBEST sidepanels

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Hakabase v1 and v2 was in reality Badobest but slightly modded for own (Haka) purposes. Haka v3 is in reality Roslich panel modded in similar way, just used Haka icons and images, but the rest is Roslich. This is why you may think you are getting other panel, because they are similar in some way.


Anyway installed Bado v1 and this is what I get try to play with settings.




Attach logs.

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I tried everything i could come up with.
Uninstalled all of them, turned it off, installed another one but when installing the BADoBest again i always ended up with one of the Haka versions.
I have been using BADoBest for years and i remember having this problem, maybe a year ago or more but then reinstalling it a bunch of times helped.
Or maybe i reinstalled the entire game, dont remember.

Edit: A total reinstallation solved it but why did i have to do that, never needed it before?

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