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I run on 2 servers (so too speak) ...the EU server and the NA server

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Now that I have finally installed and have Aslain's running 90% of what I am wanting. we have to go through the no good Game Center. Once I loaded and installed Aslain into both directories they both want to go to the EU server. And the infor for the NA server just sits there for ever, does noting but the wheel spins. My friend is running on servers with A's and all is fine. And for some reason he does not have to go through the no good Game center. Am I missing something int he A's setup or is WG just want to screw with everyong. All worked fine before.

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I unchecked the regional servers and all is working better. Somehow I lost my NA server account but after back dooring it, I got it back with 3 password recoveries.

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