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WoTTweakerPlus Compress Textures

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Does anyone use this to compress textures.When I use this feature now it tends to wreck them,lots of maps the ground turns shiny like Ice.Just curious if compressing textures is working for anybody these days.I have also noticed WoT Config Tuner has compress textures feature also.Does this work any better or is it you just can not do this anymore.

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No, i believe you can still use texture compression but not fully effective as on older engine (pre-1.0.0).
Now mostly tanks, skybox, vegetation and some effects are compressed.Terrain is no longer compressed at all.

Somewhere around 1.2 patch (i believe) i did test tweakerplus and configtuner compressions and they appear to use same methods.
Now even on lower compressions (50%-75%|1/2-1/4) you lose more tank details (camo, decals, hitzone skins...etc) compared to older engine.
It does depend on your graphics settings a little bit (texture mostly), but not that much...

I got feeling compression doesn't "scale" well like it used to on older engine, game gets pretty ugly sooner then it used to.
Idk try testing them both and see for yourself, both of them have cleanup/restore options. :wink1:

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Yep..Tried both.Same results.No Good.Older engine it did work good but not on this one.With the config tuner I even tried down to 1/16 and same result.Never tried 1/32 the lowest compress setting,probably same result I suppose.

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