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running aslains on win10

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got new pc with win10 on it.  before i had win8.


with this win10, every time i go to install the latest wows mod, win10 gives me a warning.  i have to click "more info", then click "run any ways".  then it asks me AGAIN, with a different message, if i want to install the mod.  must click again.


it is no big deal, just 3 clicks, but my OCD HATES IT!!!


is there some way to tell win10, aslains mods are NOT malware?


thanx people.

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You are talking either about UAC or defender smartscreen (most likely).

If UAC (user account control) you can turn that garbage off (most annoying and useless feature since vista).
search/open control panel>user accounts>user account control settings>never notify

If "temp blocked" by defender you can:
a) (easy way)
run modpack as admin (this should bypass blocking part, but UAC will most likely prompt if still enabled)
b) (annoying way/still extra clicking)
right click modpack>properties>general tab>down under security toggle unblock (repeat for each new modpack)
c) (time consuming way)
try disabling windows defender smartscreen (might not work 100%)
or disable windows defender/security entirely (get better antivirus if you really need "protection")

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