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Hit Log and MiniMap info missing...

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I updated to the most recent version today, and since then i have lost my Hit Log and all the minimap features (eg. 50m circle, max draw circle box, life circles).


I know nothing about coding or changing these settings outside of the installer.  I have since re-run the install 4 times, making sure i have the appropriate boxes checked, but nothing shows up in game.  I have ensured a clean install with caches cleaned.


I am not sure what else to do.


Any help would be awesome.



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I understand you can't fix all the problem. But you mod was ok for me for the version 9.4.


I have tested you mod with minimal configuration xvm + aslain config only and the circles on the minimap don't work. It works with only xvm.


I have tested some other mod pack and it works too.


I am sorry, I loved your modpaxk but I have to change.


See you soon.

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Like I wrote in readme, that it totaly doesn't matter if the installer was working for you 1 version ago, or 5 versions ago, or in 9.4. Every compilation of the installer is changing how it's "appearing" to some poory writter anti-virus soft. Check if you have something like sandbox enabled, and stuff like that, hard to say really, I cannot guess :(

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Aslain was correct in my case, my firewall alerted me in the next update that a program was trying to change things and asked if it was okay.  i don't recall seeing the message the first time. anyhow, when i said to run the progrma anyway, it all got sorted out and everything is back to normal.  Aslain, i really appreciate your efforts, and your product is awesome.  i did not post to slag your mod, just to alert you and the community to a possible issue.  i am sorry if it came across this way.  i am NOT computer savvy, so i don't know better.  i appreciate you pointing me in the right direction and for all your continued hard work for the community. 

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