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Error creating registry key

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Ive  never had a problem til now installing aslains.  I very slowly download the last part of the installation after selecting mods.  Ive tried turning off all anti virus and firewalls but still no luck.  The error i get is attached.  Any help would be much appreciated.Capture.PNG.6df5634bd797a25cff06f131619bedcb.PNG

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Just tried that mate and no luck.  Seems odd as usually i just redownload new updates and my data is saved etc i dont need to re select mods etc and just install.  But this time i have to select folder, mods, etc before installing.  Maybe worth reinstalling WoWs?

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Thanks for your help aslain, i tried the run as administrator and it had no effect, i tried disabling my firewall and antivirus and still couldnt get it to run.  As i said above it was downloading very slow so I checked my internet speed and it was 8Mb/s DL where usually its around 30MB/s.  I couldnt work out what it was so i just did a clean install of windows and now my internet speed is back to normal and I was able to install aslains modpack.  So for anyone else it turns out it was probably something to do with my internet settings, antivirus, firewall settings or other windows setting.

Thanks again for your time aslain, it helped alot.

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