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Which mod options that hardest to run?

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-xvm in general is eating fps or adding lag spikes (compared to vanilla), mostly on calculation parts (OTM, hitlog, damagelog...)
-after that i would say sound mods or vanilla sound in general (since wot 1.0)
-then anything crosshair/snipermode related
-after that i would say hd skins/hitzones (possible framedrops in snipermode)
-finally any sort of calculation mod that refreshes a lot in battle

Remove mods you don't need (less is more), use sd client, set your graphics settings on low,
set your laptop power profile to performance, force disable vsync and antialising (if possible).

maybe extreme:Depending if you have ssd or not, disabling wot sound can help a little bit on map loadings also hit/impact sound frame drops.
Especially if your have weaker cpu. :wink1:

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