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Moving the Gambiter Damage Panel

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Sorry for all the questions Aslain, I just really love your mods.  On payday I plan on making a nice donation. 


My biggest issue is that I play on a 5860 x 1080 resolution.  It is great and very immersive, yet a lot of very useful panels are on the far sides, when I want them near the middle.  I have managed to move most of what I want, but this one if giving me lots of trouble.


In the gui/scaleform folder, I found the damagepanel.xml file and moved the list of who has hit me.  However, I can't find where to move the (name of tank) and reloading time that is directly over it.  It doesn't help that I don't speak Russian.


Thanks again in advance.

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Thanks. Don't be sorry :)


You should be able to move it with this part of code:


<configTimerHit visible = "true"> <!-- visible (true, false) - отображает таймер -->
<location x = "235" y = "-25" centerX = "false" centerY = "false"/> <!-- x, y, - координаты расположения сообщения относительно центра экрана (при centerX/centerY = "true") или верхнего левого угла панели (при centerX/centerY = "false") -->
<size width = "500" height = "25"/> <!-- width - ширина элемента. height - высота элемента -->
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Ok I can get it towards the center, a X coordinate of 2400 puts it where I want it.  But I can't seem to move it up.  It seems like no matter what Y cords I use, it wont move up.  I also can't find a font size, I would like to increase that.



I should probably go bother Gambiter about it lol.





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