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Aslain's Bug with Personal Mission (In Game)

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Greetings everyone,


I'm having trouble pinpointing the cause of a bug, that prevents your personal mission from showing up in battle (when hitting Tab).  It worked before I installed Aslain's, and after reinstalling Aslain's countless times, and reinstalling six different versions of Aslain's, as well as completely reinstalling World of Tanks, I have confirmed that Aslain's is indeed the reason for this bug, and I cannot figure out what part of Aslain's in particular is the cause.


The be more specific, a friend of mine uses the exact same configuration/mod list from Aslain's that I do.  My father uses a different configuration on his rig, and he does not have the same issue my friend and I do.


So, it must be one setting in particular, but since I have so many of the mods installed, it would literally be a day long chore to turn everything off one at a time and start the game over again.  I don't have that kind of time, unfortunately, so hopefully my pointing this out can allow someone with a bit more knowledge of Aslain's to try to knock it out and figure out the issue.


Thanks for your time.

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