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Hello All


Long time user of the Mod Packs. And updated to current 8.7.02.   But I have a Question I am just coming back to game after some military time away. and trying to use my old Crosshair (KRAB v2) and try an new one as well(Nomogram turquoise) v1/ But I tried both and do not show up in game. Type 1 for the Krab in Static and there is no selection on Dynamic just the regular game crosshair. I did get the Kraken to show up but did not have distance indicator in the crosshair, same with nappelcommander. Please help. or guide me to what to do to gt these to work. And I do go into settings and choose select crosshair options.

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Hey, is that only crosshair mods that doesn't work for you are anything else? I'm pretty sure they should have work fine, as long as you have proper Type or Dynamic selected in the game options. Make sure you are installing the modpack as admin (right click on exe) and launch the game as the one as well. Attach me logs (see my signature on how to), and screenie with proof from a battle. Preferable start with Nomogram one.

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