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Overlays misaligned in 4K

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First of all, fantastic mod. Thank you for that!

My problem is as follows:
After a complete reinstall of the game, migrated to Windows 10, I used the old .inf file with loadinf program to redo the listing of the mods. Apparently windows bitdefender is a pain in the ass with it, at the first tries it would not let loadinf close without closing the installer itself. There the issue may have started.
Now, when playing the game in safe mode, everything is fine.
But with the mod loaded, and playing in 4K resolution then there are a few misalignment issues with several mods.
- exiting the game give the overlay screen in 2K instead of 4K (but not in safe mode, then it works as it should)
- XFT incoming damage is displayed in the wrong position (again as if in 2K)
- Last shot displays the three bullets in the correct position but the overlay for what tanks they came from is woefully misplaced (screen moved to bottom right, does seem 4K though)
- and some other overlay issues where the overlay is 2K sized instead of 4K

I have some screens of this, not all of them sorry.
I have attached the logs zip and a zip of the screens I have with orange markers to point at the misalignments.

Hope it helps.

Oh, I've done a DDU of my vidcard drivers and installed the drivers anew, but that did not solve it. Also, this issue is persisting since the last four aslain mod installs.

Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip buggedWoT.zip

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vor einer Stunde schrieb Aslain:

This mod isn't perfect as you can see, I doubt that the author will update it.

Some mods work fine with the ui scale mod and some does not.


My eyes are not the best and I played with a 2560x1440 resolution and it was really bad. I used ui scale mod and some mods that had no problems with it.


I got a 4k screen then, and if you also have one the best solution would be to use the 2x scale that you can enable from the wot settings without a mod .. 95% of the mods work with that .. all ui elements should have the size of 1920x1080 resolution but the world is rendered in full 4k.

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