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need help bad mods wont work

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i have try to update mods and i did uninstall ASLAIN mods in game folder with the uninstall made sure the res mod folder was empty. i did game check with WoS then i try install all mods again but no working that i can see. in Res mod folder i see 2 folders after i install mods (this is empty) and with all mods in it. ship cotour = mrv2 with ship names , sound mods = duke nukem , etc.

i dont see how i can attach the winzip aslain logsuGV3yaK.jpgItl1USs.jpgYeeaS8W.jpgIV9Z9nY.jpgt9dgxUF.jpgBqIkbYt.jpg

this is the log file


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11 hours ago, Capt_Oveur said:

Follow these steps:


and your point? as i stated i did the check from wot exe. the runs fine just the mods as shown dont anymore but i belive its there way of making me use the new wargaming center to play there games. thank you for trying to help i guess i didnt make it clear i did the check also i uninstalled all mods and Aslains folder with no luck after i put mods back/ game still works fine. i guess i will uninstall and reinstall game with there wargaming center. i also did attach the log file i think it will make it clear for someone that can read/understand the log file. i am sure its a simple fix i just dont see.

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