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Mastery badge no longer displaying in carousel

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I think somewhere in the last 2-3 release the Mastery badge has gone from my carousel.  I have 4 lines in the carousel, 0.8 of original size.  I have extra carousel info turned OFF, always have.  Used to see 3, 2 1 and M markings for Mastery directly under the tank type icon, now nothing.  I am running


I've just re-run the installer/config and this time selected "show advanced info on carousel" and also selected "extra carousel info".  Whenever I perform an upgrade I chose "clean install".  This has resulted in the Mastery badge re-appearing on the right hand side of the tank, so I think this is working as intended, the problem seems to be if you have extra carousel info turned off, Mastery badge not appearing.


I've read another post on the topic of Marks of Excellence and that seemed to be related to the 0.8 magnification of the carousel, so it may also be to blame here?


As a related note, not a bug but more of a feature request, could you add Mark of Excellence under Mastery badge?

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Thanks for the quick investigation, work-around and reply.... 


I have re-run your installer/config and deselected the "extra carousel info" and then performed a clean install, then opened the carousel.xc, found the text your mentioned and changed X reference from 134 to 104, saved and opened the WoT client.


This has indeed worked, thanks again  :)


My personal preference is to know the Mastery level and Marks of Excellence, I am not really concerned with number of battles, average damage etc....  


I'm not that familiar with the source of the carousel mod, I'm guessing you are using the mod of another developer and so making changes may be better proposed to that developer (?) rather than yourself?

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Perhaps a check box for each item the Extra Info should display?

If a box is checked, then add the relevant code to 'carousel.xc'.

[ ] - Average Damage

[ ] - # of battles

[ ] - Win Percentage

[ ] - Mastery Badge

[ ] - Marks of Excellence


Yeah in perfect word :) But it cannot stay that way in the installer. Technical issues.

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I've just installed the latest release 4.1.41 and the options you have added to address the carousel icons are great...  I thought I'd give you some good feedback as I'm sure your job is often thankless.  I've worked in a support role so I understand the value of thanks amongst the barrage of complaints and whinges.


The change you've made fixes the bug/issue and provides and improvement that was not there before, this is really great work.


I'm only one average player out of thousands but you have my thanks, great work!


Before I found your mod pack I was editing multiple mod config files and trying to figure out which other files I needed to keep and those I need to overwrite; I really like what you're doing, please keep it up!    :D

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