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Colorblind mode... Silhouette is RED

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Thanks for looking Aslain. I downloaded the new stuff this morning and did as you said. It's still broken. Thanks anyways


You still see red outlines, even with Locastan's mod?



Ok.. I can do that. I've never had to do that before and your mod has always worked perfectly for me as far as the colorblind silhouettes. I'm assuming something has changed? And how does ALLIED silhouettes affect the enemy ones?


Hard to say, since I do not play in CB mode, maybe something has changed in XVM code. Maybe in the past all you had to do was to enable it in graphics window, and now we have to change some more colors in colors .xc additionaly.


Will investigate it further.


edit: Looked at the code, and nothing has changed in my configs. If you want to see colored outlines you have to additionaly install that locastan's mod.

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