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How to see incoming damage/ammo/bounces

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The Aslain's modpack has a lot of features (a LOT) and I'm hoping someone can help me achieve what I wish;


I've seen on many video replays a mod that shows, with red text, in the middle of the screen whenever shots hit your tank, who/what shot you, with what ammo type, the amount of dmg they made, and if they penetrated or not. Can I get this with the Aslain mod pack and hopefully so, that over-vehicle markers and/or other graphics will not be changed at the same time? Thanks.


Another point; it would be very useful if there was a listing somewhere what exactly each of the modpack options do. I realise this could be a lot of work, but if the mod authors sent with their mod, a 5-sentence description of what the mod does, it would be so nice, if there was a web page section on here, that would help users see what the mods do without having to try them all in-game, separately. The big issue is, if you tick many mods at a time, seeing which mods are responsible for which effects, takes a lot of time. So finding the real setup takes a lot of time too. Or maybe there is a solution already that I don't know of? Thanks for the mods and all the good work!


edit. also: is there a way to add to the over-vehicle markers the player's XVM-level colour code marker but still retain the rest of stock WoT over vehicle markers?

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