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small proposal, big impact

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Hello everybody,
I have a request to you better two requests.
Could you add the sixth sense Sound Road Runner?
And an external save for selecting the settings of the mod, please.

Many thanks

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There's such a file under Custom_mods folder:


This is special folder called Aslains_Custom_mods

It's feature is to install your custom made mods automaticaly via my installer.

To make it work simply pack your mod with full path (must begin with res_mods or mods) and put to this folder, then launch the installer as usuall and select the mods you usually install. Installer will automaticaly install your custom mods at the end of main installation.

One macro is available: version, to use it replace folder name with version. For example: res_mods\version\gui\.... instead of res_mods\\gui\ or res_mods\version\gui\.... instead of res_mods\\gui\

Note that supported formats are zip and 7zip only.

-------------------------- POLISH -----------------------------------------

Jest to specjalny folder do instalowania własnych modyfikacji.

Wszystko co należy zrobić to spakować swoje mody zaczynając od scieżki res_mods, i wrzucić do tego folderu.

Instalator zainstaluje wszystko co tu jest pod sam koniec instalacji modpacka.

Dostępne jest jedno makro: version, przykład użycia: res_mods\version\gui\.... zamiast res_mods\\gui\

Obsługiwane formaty to zip i 7zip."

Probably you're able to achieve, what you need with the help of that folder.

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to understand

res_mods / / gui / audioww / file.zip


or put the zip file in the gui folder

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To be honest I haven't got a need to use it. I just explored WOT folders. That description for me is not 100% clear, but for me it looks like you have to create you folder own structure, where the root folder is named "res_mods", in your case it would be "res_mods/" or ""res_mods/version/gui/audioww/sixthSense.mp3".
Then you should compress that "res_mods" with zip or 7z - the name is up to you, but the extension must be "zip" or "7z". Then this zip file should be placed in "\Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods\" folder.

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