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Maybe its because I am tired but I can't work this out.


I have used the 'other' region editor for two years which runs as a separate application launcher. I thought i would look at the one now in Aslain.


For the life of me I cannot see how to change regions without running Aslains each time.


What am I missing?



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Are you talking how to change servers?  In the garage, go to settings, when the little box comes up asking what you want, select server at the top.


thanks but that's not what i meant ... that's why i did not ask about servers but asked about regions... sorry if i did not make it clear


the region editor allows me to choose between my ASIA, EU and NA accounts (yes, i have accounts on all 3)


but as far as i can see, i was asked at the end of the aslain install which region i wanted but i want to be able to change to each region as i launch WoT which is what the editor is meant to do

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