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All Crossair Mods doesn´t work correktly by me ;(

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i have many problems with all crossair mods in the modpack with the function... but just after update 9.6.

Problem: when you push/hold the right mouse button, then you use the auto aim or this automatic focus and  that function doesn´t work correctly at me by jimbo, and the other crossair mods (all of aslain modpack tested) same problem. Just the original WG Crossair works fine, really? O.o with Original right click, and the tower follow the tank. with a mod can i push the RMT so often.... like a push  right button contest----


So i tested then other Modpacks, how






all Crossairs of this modpacks the same problem....


I took a other Mouse for test, same thing.

i redownloaded and re-installed world of tanks new...

i tried many other modpacks and this here....

everytime the same problem...

i changed the sensitive of the mouse by windows and wot... brought the same.... nothing... i must play with the original WG crossair and that sucks...


What can i do? Need Help 







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