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game won't load when modpack installed

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I've had this problem for some time and i waited for 9.6 to see if it would fix it but no.

When launching game it freezes to "Synchronizing equipment and consumables" and stays there. Waiting for several minutes won't help. I have to shut it down from windows task manager. I've tried with firewall/antivirus (F-secure)  disabled and at gaming mode, no help. Last version that worked was v4.1.37. Without Aslain's mods game works fine. I've tried some other mod packs but they are just not as good...  ;)

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Yea, that's what came to my mind too. Or could it be those XVM-garage mods causing this since XVM is not working for me, or it's not loading any stats and shows "timed out" at notification center?

Anyway, thank You very much for trying to solve this. I keep on trying something. Your mod pack is awesome!

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